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    AutoRun Malware? A Danger You May Not Know

    Posted on Monday, November 8th, 2010

    Surprisingly contributing to two thirds of the Malware Infections, Autorun comes from many sources such as cds, dvds, usb hard drives, usb flash drives, SD cards, and even old floppies. More important to know your source, scan removable media, or even disable autorun entirely.

    Malware running on AutoRun

    A normal part of using a computer is seeing the “Removable Device Inserted” announcement when plugging in a memory stick.

    This is AutoRun, a really useful tool built into Microsoft operating systems. In addition to helping people pick the application for opening the new files, it is also a very common way of spreading malware. Did you know that AutoRun is a way for spreading around about two-thirds of current malware?

    There are many ways how to make AutoRun functional but, unfortunately, less ways how to recognize what does it do.

    See entire post from Avast:


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