Your IT Depo




The philosophy is simple, Information Technology Services previously only available to Enterprise level companies, brought to everyone. 


A knowledgeable expert that can handle everything, and can be reached 24 hours for emergency service.  You now have you own I.T. Department with someone always on call and at an affordable price.

Whether you’re a larger company, small business, residential consumer, or somewhere in between, we are the only service you will ever need.


What I.T.  Services do you offer?

We handle everything I.T.  Services from system repair, home networking, and small business systems; to enterprise level networking, servers, and infrastructure wiring.  If you have an technology issue we have the proper solution.  We also can install and maintain video security systems.


How can we can offer better service at a lower price?

Simple, with the advanced level experience we have combined with the training and industry certifications, we provide efficient service lowering the end cost to you.


How is our pricing different than the competitors?

The biggest difference is the value and overall cost.  We offer realistic pricing to help lower the cost burden of having a service technician to assist you.  We can bill hourly, by job, or term service contracts, depending on your I.T. need we will review what’s best for you.


How can you contact us?

24 hour Live Contact Line 301.501.0356  


Fast Professional Local Service In Oakland, Maryland and all of Garrett County